Hello internet people! My name is Stephanie, but more or less everyone calls me Steph. As the title may suggest, this is my first post and I thought I would start my blog off with a bit of a get to know me. This is all a bit new for me, so please bear with as i’m just getting started!

I’m just going to get started with some questions you may have for me, and things you may want to know if you so kindly decide to read my blog!

How old am I and where am I from?

I am 15 years old, currently in year 11 of secondary school (high school). My birthday is March 22nd so I am an aries. You may get to know in future blogs that I am really into star signs and horoscopes and all that stuff! I am from Gloucestershire, England. Many people, well actually nearly everyone I know, hates living in England (specifically Gloucestershire) but I don’t know, I am very fond of my part of Gloucestershire, I am quite content here (for now).

Why did I start a blog?

I decided to start this blog as something to do really! I enjoy photography and I absolutely adore writing (English is my favourite subject in school), so I decided to kind of mash those things together and create this blog. I will also most likely talk about fashion on here as well, as I do also really really enjoy fashion and self expression. The funny thing is, is that I did actually start a blog last year, but it was terrible and some of my friends knew about it, and I wasn’t a fan of everyone knowing about this as i’m not the most popular, outgoing person. In fact i’m quite the opposite, to be completely honest with you guys, i’m the biggest introvert that I know.

( okay, wow, i’ve already written over 300 words haha )

What are my hobbies?

As I have touched on in the paragraph above, I am a big introvert. Because of this I do not have very many outdoorsy hobbies, some of my hobbies are: photography, I absolutely adore photography as I have already said! I find you can completely take your mind off of almost anything when you are concentrating on capturing photos, and I suffer with anxiety a lot so this is a great way of channeling that. I also love yoga! This is probably the most sport related thing that I will talk about on this blog so yes, sorry to disappoint. I am all about trying to live a healthier and more positive life, as I have struggled a bit in the past, so I do find that yoga is a great way to balance your thoughts and body. Other more stereotypical teenager things I enjoy is listening to music and watching television shows. I have a strange taste in music to be honest, but the general vibe seems to be chilled out music (a few of my favourite artists are Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Taylor Swift, The Paper Kites and Sia). Television shows are probably my worst hobby! Gosh, I could watch them all day everyday, I won’t name all of them as we would be here all day, but I will tell you some of my favourites so you can get a feel for what I enjoy, and maybe even give you some ideas of whats good to watch! Greys Anatomy, Orange Is The New Black, Pretty Little Liars, The Blacklist, Scream Queens, The Originals, Once Upon a Time, Scandal and Orphan Black (there are still more but I won’t continue). I do also really enjoy the good old British crappy reality shows that are oh-so-addictive: The Only Way is Essex (also known as Towie), Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach etc etc etc…

Where am I going with this blog?

As I have already said, I am going to post about fashion, photography etc . But I am also hoping to post recipes (mostly healthy, but I won’t promise anything), reviews, advice…

Basically I am up for posting/writing about whatever you guys want me to! This post is already too rambly so I will stop myself now – thank you for taking the time to read this and acknowledging my blog!



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